Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for Me?

There are various cosmetic dentistry treatments available, ranging from professional teeth whitening and veneers to implants. Because of the wide array of options available to you, it could be tough to pinpoint which procedures are right for you.

Fortunately, a consultation with Dr. Margaret Somers here at Dental Arts Design in Hawthorne, NJ, will help you decide which cosmetic dentistry treatments will suit your needs best. Until then, you can try to answer these questions to help guide you on which procedures may be right for you.

Do You Have Damaged Teeth?

Minor damage such as chips or tiny cracks in the teeth can be fixed with dental bonding or dental veneers. On the other hand, more extensive damage will require treatments such as dental crowns, onlays, or tooth-colored fillings that will help restore the teeth’s function and appearance.

Have You Lost Any Teeth?

If you’ve lost one or a couple of teeth, you should consider replacing them first before exploring cosmetic dentistry treatments. Missing teeth could affect how your smile looks. They also negatively impact the surrounding teeth as well since losing a tooth also means losing its root structure. When not resolved as soon as possible, the space left behind by your lost tooth and root system will cause your other teeth to shift over time.

Likewise, when the teeth move out of their proper positions, you’ll eventually have problems with bite and jaw, and may even cause you to grind or clench your teeth as you sleep. The most popular tooth replacement solution here in Hawthorne, NJ, is dental implants since it’s not only a cosmetic dentistry treatment but a restorative treatment as well.

How Would You Like Your Smile to Look?

Remember that cosmetic dentistry is, after all, mainly geared towards freshening up your smile or giving it a complete makeover. If you’re looking for a more dazzling and whiter smile, in-office bleaching or porcelain veneers may suffice. If you’re frustrated by how dark tooth fillings look when you smile, you can have them replaced with more aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored dental fillings. Your options are endless.

Ultimately, to figure out which cosmetic dentistry procedure will most benefit you, consider the smile you’re envisioning and ask your dentist about which treatments will help you get your dream smile.

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